Read Outlook adress-book (exchange server5.5)

Does someone have a sample script, to read out the outlook adress book??

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Yes, I have.
My dumb provider does not let me upload it at the moment.
I'll try later, or write to
This code comes from, and I changed it to work with ASP.
You may use the VB code in, too, which contains several functions around the address book folder.
Also, I have an ASP project which adds a contact item that I may send to you.

Const strServer = "MyServer"
Const strMailbox = "MyMailbox"

strProfileInfo = strServer & vbLf & strMailbox

Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")

objSession.Logon , , False, False, , True, strProfileInfo

Set objAddrEntries = objSession.AddressLists _
                 ("Global Address List").AddressEntries
Set objFilter = objAddrEntries.Filter
objFilter.Fields.Add CdoPR_SURNAME, "LastName"
objFilter.Fields.Add CdoPR_GIVEN_NAME, "FirstName"

On Error Resume Next

For Each objAddressEntry In objAddrEntries
      Response.Write objAddressEntry.Name
      Response.Write "E-address: " & objAddressEntry.Address
      Response.Write "Given Name: " & _
      Response.Write "Initials: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Surname: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Display Name: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Alias: " & _
      Response.Write "Title: " & _
      Response.Write "Company Name: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Office Location: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Office Phone 1: " &  objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Office Phone 2: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Business Fax: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Mobile Phone: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Pager: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Assistant: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Assistant Phone: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Home Phone 1: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Home Phone 2: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Home Fax: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Home Street: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Home City: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Home State: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Home Postal Code: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Home Country: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Manager Name: " & objAddressEntry.Fields _
      Response.Write "Manager Name: " & objAddressEntry.Manager


Set objFilter = Nothing
Set objAddrEntries = Nothing
Set objSession = Nothing

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Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")

should be;

Set objSession = Server.CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
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