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Hello, I just need a good resource or some quick hints on setting up sendmail. I am running RH6.1. Is it already set up or is there some configuring to do?

I want to be able to access my mail via POP3.

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It is usually set up more or less rigth. Use linuxconf and check your setting regarding domain name etc.

Try testing with your outgoing mailprogram to see if mail get out allrigth.

For incoming mail, use fetchmail. There is aprogram called fetchmailconf that will assist you in setting it up. It basically picks up mail from a remote pop-server and saves it locally for use with any mail-program you wish.

If you want a more detailed answer please give more info about your system. What kind of mail do you get in (smtp,pop etc)  How do you want to send mail out?

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webstixxAuthor Commented:

I really want POP3 set up so that I can check mail from my computer at home running Win95. I have two domain names on that linux box and want to get mail at those domains - that would be ideal.

Having several domains on one server is quite easy. Setup linuxconf to receive for both "virtual domains", and use your mailprogram to send out with the right email-adresses.

Goto and read the document about Virtual Hosting. It is not easy the first three times, but if you try and try again, you will get it exactly like you want it.
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