Sendmail Routing or Gateway

I have the following Intranet:

        Linux Box
  +----------+-...     --+
  |             |             |
  |             |             |
PC_1       PC_2...    PC_n
W98        W98       W98

Everything is up and running, like, fetchmail, DNS, Squid, Firewall. But one thing I could not run is sending an e-mail from my to (such yourself or
Can some one help me on this sendmail routing ? I have never worked w/ sendmail before, so I am kind of lost here.
I have searched some local bookstores and the internet with no good luck.
Remember that from the Linux box I can send any e-mail w/ no problem. What I want is how to route the PC's e-mail trhu the to the world ( for instance) ? How would the be configured?

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If you are after a book - the Sendmail book published by O'Reilly ( commonly known as the 'bat book' ) is the bible. It's a thick book, but it covers the setup of all things sendmail. It's co-written by Eric Allman, sendmail's programmer

It will explain how to do anything with sendmail - although you have to be willing to experiment ( and test!!! ) a bit.

I've just checked Amazon - search for 'Sendmail', and pick the book by Eric Allman & Bryan Costales, $31.96
What is ur sendmail version ?
try this:

Go to /etc/mail
here is a file called acces. If not, create it.
then edit this file and add the following line:

xx.yy.zz      RELAY

(xx.yy.zz is ur network addr; if your network is, then put 192.168.0)
then save and then do :
makemap hash access < access

Then restart and try.

Hope this helped,

koloteloAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sirs,
As I told you before, everything is runnin along ok. Sendmail ver is 8.9.3. /etc/acess is ok too.
I am using fetchmail w/ my ISP w/ no problem at all. The only thing I still can not do is to make my local delivery mails to  Not from the linux box nor from the PC.
I live overseas an to purchase the O'Reilly book would take a month or so. I would appreciate some one to help me by this week. Attached is my changes:

I will try the DR and DH, but I still need help.

What does you /var/log/mail file say when you try and send some mail from one of the client machines to an outside host?
To make your Linux server an email relay server you need to do the following:

1) Set it up as a DNS server or make sure that it can resolve all outside DNS queries

2) include the following entry in /etc/
FR-o /etc/mail/relay-domains

3) include the domain name of the originating ip-address(es) that are sending e-mail. This will allow sendmail to relay the messages to the outside world. By default newer versions of sendmail do not allow relaying by default.

I hope that this helps somewhat.

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