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What is the most cost effective way of adding a search engine to my website?

 I am aware that there are  free ones available, but they tend to contain a link to the site they came from, or the search results are displayed on their site. This of course means that the whole colour scheme of your site changes to theirs on the results page.

I don't mind paying a small amount  for a system.

Any ideas


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ventolinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i just answered this question for you in another topic area.
alex_harrisAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
what kind of operating system are you running?  if it's some kind of Un*x, why not try ht://Dig ?
I use Fluid Dynamics Search engine at my site. You can try it if you like by going to

Simply type Windows NT in the search field to see what the results look like.

For an example of this same script highly modified go to

Try some searches there, for example:

+html -xml


+novell -zenworks

This search engine supports most common search options.

Here is the site where you can download it.

When you register it(49.00), you can remove the copyright information and customize everything about the way it works.

If you decide to get this search engine and need help customizing it, I'll help you for free via e-mail... no problem.

Tom Carpenter

BTW - I have no relationship with the author.
I used ICE, which was PERL/UNIX, and included a discreet link to their homepage only, which you could even delete if your conscience let you.

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