iMac OS9: connect to local net and PPP at same time

OK, I'll give Apple a second chance to be able to do something that's easy with Windows 95/98/NT:

Using iMAC DV with OS9, modem connection and local network connection (TCP/IP) to a hub. I want to be able to browse the Internet via the PPP connection, and ALSO be able to get to other PCs and Macs on my local Ethernet network AT THE SAME TIME. The Remote Access/TCPIP panel doesn't appear to allow both types of connections at the same time.

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You dont access other computers on the network via TCP/IP. Thats what appletalk is for. You have appletalk, and you have your internet connection/tcp/ip. 2 different beasts. Set up your computer for internet access. Then use the Network Control Panel to select your appletalk interface..Ethernet..Turn appletalk on, open the chooser, make sure your other macs have something shared, select that shared item in your local choser and bang...instant sharing. This is how it works and is how i do it here. To see the PCs on the network its a little more difficult. You need to translate their protocol from whatever MS uses to Appletalk. This is done with either Dave for mac or PCMacLAN for PC. Those can be found at 

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