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I recently installed a "Rockwell hcf 56k data fax rtad pci modem" in my AMD k6II 350 system.(Runnung windows 98)At first I was connecting fine at 56bps using another modem.Then it died.After installing this new Rockwell, I noticed that I was only connecting at 49bps.The connection speed on the modem is set to 56bps.Is there any other way to speed up my connection?
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The Rockwell is a winmodem and the speed you are getting is about as good as you can hope for. If nothing else changed, ie phone lines etc, then I don't know of a way to speed it up. The number represented by the icon in the task bar isn't neccessarily a true speed rating it is just the negotiation between the two modems. It is throughput that is important.
I haven't ever even heard of a modem connecting at 56k so you had an exceptional one there. Besides an ISP can't download at speeds past 53k so even if you connect faster than that it isn't going to throughput faster than that.
Maybe someone else can offer more.
Does your automobile have _both_ a tachometer and a speedometer?

If you look at the "wrong" dial, you could think that you're travelling quite quickly.  :-)

Similarly, don't look at the gauge which measures the data-speed between your COM port and your modem (which is usually "fixed" at 28K or 56K or 112K).

Instead, look at the modem-to-modem speed.  Do this by adding 'W2' to the "extra settings" within the "advanced" settings for your modem.

My US Robotics V.90 modem connects at '48000', not '56000', due to less-than-perfect quality of the telephone-lines between my house and the telephone company.

See: http://WWW.56K.COM
for details about "troubleshooting slow connects", but it basically says the same thing as 'MRBREEZE' -- 56K is the theoretical maximum, under perfect conditions, in the laboratory.
wturner1Author Commented:
Thanks a lot for the info guys.I guess there's not really much I can do from here.Since MRBREEZE responded first I guess I should forward the points over to him.So, if you'll reply in the form of an answer, I'll forward the points over to you MRBREEZE.
     Thanks again guys
glad to help let us know if we can help again. And for future reference you can accept a comment as an answer

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