Mutiple E-Mails & Forms

I've created a very simple form that I've got working pretty good.  I used 'straight out of the box" Frontpage to forward the information from my form to an e-mail address.  By that I mean, I went into my forms properties and simple told it to e-mail the results to a certain e-mail address.

My question it possible to have Frontpage e-mail the form's results to more than one e-mail adderess, or do I need to use a CGI script?

I've tried putting two e-mail addresses in the form's properties (separated by commas) with no success.

I'm using Front Page 2000.

Thanks in advance for your help on what I think is a 'newbie' type question.
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Set a variable (VBA) to the multiple addresses and use the variable instead of a string. Or, write your own API and dll set of instructions. OK, I don't know, I can't even get my web server up and running.
the best that I think you can do without doing it in cgi is setting up rules in your mail that when you get a message from there that it get's forward to the other address that you need it to go to....just a thought.
Try seperating the two email addresses with a semicolon.
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I'd suggest using a third-party asp/smtp mail component like aspmail or aspemail, that way it could send a copy to an unlimited number of recipients and to the sender as confirmation...
check out or 

marscpaAuthor Commented:
I've tried the semi-colon with no success.

I like the idea of the component, but if I have to go outside of Frontpage proper I'll just use a CGI script.

Thanks for the comments, even jfreise's!
well...asp is actually FrontPage's "cousin"...whereas cgi usually is a Perl-based script...which do not do very well with FP if you're not careful and use notepad instead...
Well, the bad news is FrontPage doesn't support multiple e-mails in it's built-in form component.

The good news is that you won't have to recreate the entire form.

Find a script that you want to use for the form.  There are hundreds out there and most web hosting companies provide one that is pre-installed for you on the server somewhere (usually in your own cgi-bin directory).  Check your web host's home page or e-mail your web hosting company to see if they have a formmail script you can use.  It may already be installed just waiting for you to use.  Almost every web host company I've used has had one pre-installed for me as part of the cgi-bin directory.

When you have the script installed, or decide to use one that is already installed, then get the code that gets inserted into the html.  It should look similar to your form code (when viewed in html).

You will need to go into the html view and replace the <form> tag with the <form> tag provided for your script.  You will also probably have to add some hidden fields to make the form do what you want.  If the script you choose has good docs, you will know which ones you need and which ones you don't.  Generally all the hidden ones are there for a reason, and most of the visible ones are data related.  Although some required fields for the form to work will be visible.

The rest of the form can actually stay the same.  The <form> tag at the beginning and the "hidden" tags do all the work.  Every other form element (checkboxes, textboxes, radio buttons, etc.) are all "data" and are parsed by the script into the e-mail you receive.  Be sure to make sure that the name of the hidden elements and the form elements you are using to collect the data are different.  Duplicates may confuse the script.

So, basically, even though you can't use FrontPage's script for multiple e-mails, at least you won't lose all your work in creating that form.

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marscpaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the comment. Now I know that Frontpage doesn't support more that one e-mail.

I'll use a CGI script or something along the lines that you described.
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