Creating a Pure Flash Website

I'm a beginner in Flash technology.
I'm thinking of creating a website purely in Flash.

I'm doing something like a catalog with about few pics in few categories. Let say I use a "swf" file for each category, I will need to include about 8 pics in one category alone. Using importing pictures, the "swf" file will swell in size. Can I just reference them to the graphics file directly instead of importing them?
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If you're looking to actually include the graphics in your flash movie by reference (that is, without actually importing them) then I'm afraid there is no current method to do this.

On the other hand, if you want to reference them like this:

so that the image pops up in a browser window, then you should use the Get Url action under the Actions tab in Frame or Instance properties, type in that URL and click OK. But, unfortunately, you cannot load an image in Flash that is not part of the movie.

I hope this helps!


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If you want your web site to show up in search engine results do not make an exclusive Flash site.. have a standard html page with key information and then do an "onload" event to open your flash presentation..

BTW it is much better to include your images within the flash presentation because the program will compress them and the swf only gets called once from the server. It's the multiple calls to the sever that slows animated gifs down not so much the file size.

Best regards and good luck with your venture..

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