JBuilder OR VJ++??

i'm a newbie want to learn java
which Tools(VJ++ or JBuilder) is better?
and tell me why please!!

and which tools can i use in linux?

experts help me!
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lxtsyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
lxtsyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
The J++ is a pretty good tool. It has some problems though:
1. It works only with jdk1.1
2. It enables you to write "Microsoft java" flavor which will not run on any other platform then Windows. However you dont have to write with the ms extensions.
3. While it can produce cross platform java code,  it  can ONLY run on windows.
4. It has visual GUI builder only for microsoft extended java. Swing objects can't be manipulated by this tool. Any code generated by this tool is platform dependent.
5. As far as I know the future of this tool is unknown as long as microsoft didn't decided about its atittud towards the java technology.

1. Works with any JDK.
2. Only pure java.
3. Runs on windows linux and unix, and has a java version that can run on any platform.
4. Swing and java beans oriented visual GUI builder.
5. Looks like a stable and supported products.

I have moved from VJ++ to JBuilder and I for me it was a good move.
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I agree with gadio.
lxtsyAuthor Commented:





I am  a java developer past several months. we r using JBuilder3.0 for our project. I found it to be very unstable product  it requires min of 128MB RAM. sometimes it suddenly crashes.
And more over since it writes some part of the code. It is not a useful tool for learning JAVA.

I would suggest u to use  jkd1.2 directly, if u wanna learn java completly.
There r also other tools like KAWA etc whic h u can download from the net.

Hope this nfo is useful to u


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I agree with vivexp. I tried using Jbuilder and found it to be unstable - I stick with raw JDK.

Haven't tried developing with VisualAge for Java but the system req's are heavy. Sun's Visual Workshop is a bit flaky last time I tried as well.

The tools are just not mature yet.

I agree with vivexp.. To startup use sun's JDK. I have been using Visual Cafe and it's a good tool. It's getting even better each version.

have fun!
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