Booting Mandrake from a hard drive

I know that if I dload Mandrake ISO and burn it to a CD I can boot from the CD.  However, I don't have a CD burner at home, so can I dload Mandrake to my hard drive (I am currently running Windows 98) and install Mandrake from my hard drive?
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CentrXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're going to download Mandrake, you're going to want to burn it onto a CD. Also, remember that it's around 600MB so, unless you have a really fast connection, it's going to take forever. A better solution for you would be to buy a Mandrake CD for $2 or so from a site such as or
Hmm, I'm afraid that you'll have no luck using the ISO image for an install if it is not burned on CD.
*Perhaps* there a way, but before you read on, please consider buying a CD first.

There are some 'Virtual CD' programs for Windows. *If* you can tell one of those to look into your ISO image (and I don't know if any of these even *offer* the possibility!), you can copy all the files out of the ISO image into your win filesystem on hard disk (you'll need a little bit of disk space there... B^) and start the Linux installation from there. There should be a batch file called "autoboot.bat" that'll start the installation. Of course, you have to be in MS DOS mode to use this! During the installation you'll have to specify the directory on disk where you want to install from.

All in all, quite a complicated little routine without any guarantee to work... Use an CDROM instead!
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