about internet fax

I am a studant & I am  serching for some information in codes with c++ fax program
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mbayaderAuthor Commented:
please as fast as can be
Standard C++ provides no fax capabilities.  In order to use a FAX from C++ you will have to resort to OS-specific techniques.  So before can help you we need to know the OS you need this for.
I hope, that you use Windows.
To programm sending Fax you must use TAPI Api.
Example of such application (and class for this), you
can find in
I hope, it helps. Alex

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mbayaderAuthor Commented:
i am working with windows nietod.
what does  TAPI Api mean alex
O, Tapi: Telephon Api. If you want , i can send you MS tutorial about tapi:
write you EMail again!

mbayaderAuthor Commented:
my e_mail:mbayader@hotmail.com
mbayaderAuthor Commented:
hi alex,
i read the tapi but i found a note that says that if i am working with fax messages i sould use the mapi functions
so what is the suitable case for my project
and thanx alot for ur help
I , personally, use MAPI for sending
post messages(not fax!). Are you need some help with mapi? Simple example
of using MAPi you can find in
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