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Reconfiguring your monitor and card

How do you reconfigure the resolution of your video card and monitor resolution?

I installed Linux 6.5 (Mandrake- Macmillan) on a relatively new computer. I had Redhad 5.2 before but could not install due to the SiS 530 video card that was part of the IBM compatible motherboard.

The installation of the XServer went ok; I put in 9 options for various resolutions 3 for 8 bit (600x480, 800x600, etc), 3 for 16 bit, and 3 for 24 bit thinking there would be a way to select one as a default -(800X600) 16 bit.

Now I need to be able to reconfigure the resolutions so I have only 800X600, Hi Color 16 bit.

I can not find anywhere XConfigurator, or XF86Setup. I did find XF86Config in the appropriate /usr/... and /etc/... directories.
1 Solution
I find XConfigurator is the easiest tool to alter resolution etc. It is on the Mandrake 6.5 CD #1 in X:\MANDRAKE\RPMS. Install by copying to hard drive and typing rpm -Uvh at a command prompt. Then type XConfigurator to run. Hope that helps . . .
elmendorAuthor Commented:
I think XConfigurator is already installed. I listed the packages installed and I believe it was there. In any case I would like to know other methods in case for some reason this is a problem.
You can run xf86config, and instead of selecting multiple display modes, just pick 800x600 16 bit. You can also edit the /etc/XF86Config file directly - look for the line default color depth and change it to 16. Another way to force 16 bit mode is to run
startx - --bpp 16
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xf86config is old. You should use XF86Setup; remember, Linux is case-sensitive.
In running my Mandrake 6.5 I found typing setup from a terminal window worked best.
elmendorAuthor Commented:
The answer from Maxtrix2600 offers more choices. According to CentrX, Maxtrix2600 answer of xf86config is old and XF86setup should be used. Maxtrix2600 still offers more choices.  ciaranj@lc's answer was correct but did not work since the command was case sentsitive and because I had it wrong it didn't work which was not pointed out.

Credit could be shared by both  ciaranj@lc and Matrix2600 but  ciaranj@lc should have noticed the case. Everything in linux depends on case and careful attention to detail has to be noted as Centrx has noted.

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