Modem needs speeding up...

I have an internal U.S. Robotics 56K V.90 modem and running Win98.  No matter who (ISP) I log onto the speed is only 26K or there abouts.  What can I do to speed it up???
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Since you've tried various ISPs, which presumably support V.90, your only option is to move to a different location, since it is the telephone-company's wires between your present location and their "switch" which are incapable of supporting the V.90 protocol.

See: http://WWW.56K.COM  for more details.

(Or, try disconnecting any extension telephones & answering machines, and try moving your computer to other telephone-jacks in your home.)

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i had the same problem, its your phone line. These days the apartment complex to minimize the cost of wiring, they opt for optical line. this is one optical fibre coming in your apartment complex and gets split into say about 400 lines. this is a cheaper solution but does not let your modem get any higher than 28.8 in most cases. Its some thing like goping through a PBX.

Believe it, I moved to a DSL location for this reason.
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