WebSphere vs Cold Fusion

We are going to be implementing an Internet application utilizing the WebSphere Application Server.  I’m new to WebSphere and just want to make sure I understand what it is used for.

It the last environment I was in we used a Cold Fusion Server and developed the application using Cold Fusion Studio.  The reason for using this was to cut down the amount of time to develop the application (using Cold Fusion Studio) and the ease connecting the application to the Oracle Database (the server used Oracle’s native drivers).

The question is – Is the WebSphere product (Server and Studio) comparable to the Cold Fusion product?  Are they both meant to do the same thing, or is there another function(s) the WebSphere product provides?


Lisa Phillips
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WebSphere destroys Cold Fusion when it comes to features supported.  Having used both it was easy to come to that decision.  If you want an Application Server that supports EJB, JSP, XML, Java, Team Development, Load Balancing (alot better than CF), you cannot beat what WepSphere has to offer.  My company just picked WebSphere to be our Application Server of choice after using CF for 3-4 yrs and we picked WebSphere for our biggest project.

When it came to latest techs WebSphere was the most up to date.  And support of EJB, XML and JSP is a very big advantage.

CF did not support EJB nor JSP so I don't cosider it comparable.

Do you have any specific questions?


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