Win98 - Old Files Needed?

I was told that files with the extensions of .chk  .000  .001  .002  etc. are not needed and can be safely deleted.  I found several of the .00* files in different subdirectories for some programs, some in my Norton AntiVirus directory, and some in other subdirs.

How do these get there?  and can I safely delete these files?
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
You can delete *.chk. It is the fixed file after scandisk having been detected there were errors.
Deletion of these files will remove the cross-linked files in your system.

However, *.000, *.001 or *.002 are normally the backup files of their original name.
E.g. system.ini  -   previous backup files system.000 , system.001, system.002
       Win.ini       -   previous backup files win.000, win.001 or win.002
       autoexec.bat - backup autoexec.000, autoexec.001
There are *.000 ,  *.001 and *.002 are specially designed as part of the programs files of software for setup usage. E.g. nav95.isu , nav95.000

Thus, it is not safe to delete all *.000, *.001 nor *.002.
You have to make certain before deletion of these files.


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One thing pslh forgot to mention is these backup files will usally replace themselves over a period of time, usally a few reboots, so you really gain nothing by deleting them, and in a worst case if something was to happen and you need the backup before it has been recreated then you are in trouble.
Like pslh said, please make sure before deleting them
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Thank cowpoke and Ray.       pslh
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