Outlook 2000, Word 2000, Plain Text email

With Word set up as the default email editor for Outlook 2000, and the default format RTF (or HTML), any idea how to automatically write emails to a Contact in Plain Text format?

I.e. send a message in Plain Text as an exception only.

Easy when Word is not the email editor (Format menu).  Can also change the default in Outlook to Plain Text and then change it back again, but this is a pain and is easy to forget for a Contact who must receive Plain Text.

Strangely, there is a 'Send Plain text only' flag for each Outlook Contact (needs to be accessed from 'All fields'), but it seems to be ignored by Word.

Lastly - I know it's possible because Word automatically formats a message to Plain Text when Outlook is replying to a Plain Text message.

Thoughts appreciated!
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Neo_mvpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look under Actions | New Mail Message Using for an entry of Plain Text.
mark_ottawayAuthor Commented:
That'll do my nicely - thanks!
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