where to get online documentation on unix command

where to get online documentation on unix commands. i would like to find  websites which documents the most frequently used unix command for sun OS 5.6 or just on any unix platform. If its possible, I would like one with explanations and exsmples,... if possible of course.
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chaos50Author Commented:
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SCO maintains an on-line UNIX documentation web site at

Although the documentation is intended
to thoroughly cover SCO OpenServer,
UnixWare and other SCO products, the
Sun UNIX platforms are quite similar
in that they are based on UNIX System V

     If you stil have the Solaris 2.6 (aka Sun OS 5.6) you should have the AnswerBook CD.  You can install it on your server and voila, you have an on-line documentation.  Just point you browser to http://localhost:8888 (I believe the default is!).

    The second option that you could try is to point your browser to http://docs.sun.com .

    If you cannot get to any of these two options, try "man <command you are looking for>".  But you need a shell access to the server.  If you inscalled the Manual Page, then you should have the text based on-line help tool.  In some manual pages, there are some sample usage.

Hope this helps.

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Use the man pages.
To learn how to use the man pages - from the comman line prompt do:
man man
Best online resource for all things Unix is:


Unix Guru Universe.

Best for Solaris is Samri's answer above.
You can get on line man pages which gives u explaination with

Hope this would help you ...
A good starting point can be found at:

 Plenty of examples, plus a some stuff on the vi editor.

  Also the 'apropos' command will usually turn up the command you need (along with a bunch of other stuff). For example if you want to know the command to convert a postscript file into an encapsulated postscript file, you would try:

  >apropos postscript
  >apropos encapsulated

  which would bring up a bunch of commands and a brief description of what they do.

   Any use?!

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