Storing settings of COM-server

Hi there!

I wrote an inprocess-server with ATL. This server is added as a component on a
transaction-server. Remote clients can easily create an instance of this
server and use it.

My problem: The server needs some settings. These settings should be stored on the machine where the transaction-server runs. If I access the registry from the inprocess-server (with CRegKey) I always access the registry of the client-machine!
How can I access the registry of the transaction-server-machine? Is the
registry the right place to store such information?

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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Storing the settings in the registry is a good idea - however, if you want to store the settings on the server machine, you'll have to use 'RegConnectRegistry()' first, e.g.:

    CRegKey     cRegKey;
    HKEY        hRemoteHKLM;
    HKEY        hKey;
    LONG        lnResult;

    if  (   ERROR_SUCCESS   !=  (   lnResult    =   RegConnectRegistry  (   "\\\\myserver",
            //  error

    cRegKey.Attach  (   hRemoteHKLM);

Feel free to ask if you need more information!
joker1Author Commented:
I don't know why, but the problem doesn't exist anymore.
If I query settings from the registry I access the right machine. I think I shouldn't work for a long time :-)

However, thanks for your answer.

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