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I have tried intalling Corel Linux but every time it screws up my MBR, so I have given up with it and gone back to Red-Hat, but I would like to know am I missing anything interesting?
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mpassConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's alriight if you are new to linux. Nice graphical install and quick too. I suspect that's because the entire disk is around 350Mb as opposed to the 650Mb from the other distributions. It did pretty good detecting hardware (at least for me). After two days I took it off and reinstalled Mandrake. It simply lacks the tools any intermediate or advanced user would want. The source rpm's aren't included in the download version I used. That meant I had to go get the kernel sources and install them when I wanted to recompile the kernel or even just a module if that was all I wanted to do. Overall, I felt it was just lacking too many programs to be very useful for me. I would recomend it for anyone new who was just testing the linux waters and lacked any familiarity with unix. Very Window-ish. Otherwise, I suggest just staying with your favorite distribution. If you have a more specific question, I'd be glad to answer it for you (as long as I know...).

You didn't say exactly what problem it was causing with your mbr?
jetforceAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
jetforceAuthor Commented:
From what you have said I will just use Red-Hat and compile to a later kernel. I am not worry about the mbr , I managed to fix it so I can boot into Windoze. Cheers.
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