SQL, Databases, and Confusion

I'm trying to play around with SQL queries in Delphi 5 and ain;t got a clue what's going on. What I need to do is create a tiny application that uses one of the sample Delphi databases (biolife, animals etc.) and allows me to create SQL queries, execute them, and display the results.

Bear in mind that I haven't got a clue about database stuff at all so code samples, components to use etc. would be mucho appreciated

The Neil
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hi theneil,

a simple start

drop a tbutton, a tquery, a tdatasource and a tdbgrid on a form,
adjust the propertys from tquery (databasename->Alisname), tdatasource (dataset->Tqueryname) and tdbgrid (Datasource->datasourcename)

on the buttonclick-event use following code:

query1.sql.add('select * from animals');

thats all


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TheNeilAuthor Commented:
Thanx. Read your answer to another similar question (same answer) and that worked so even though I could have saved myself some points, you still deserve them

The Neil
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