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I have a sunsolaris 7 intel in my machine ,can somebody please let me know how can i get set my m/c to get the ip address dynamically from a server .I have a 3com ethernet card which is linked to the modem.
Can somebody please let me know how I can do this
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kawinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use dhcp in Solaris too by create file

ex: If your interface is elx0
#touch      /etc/dhcp.elx0

then reboot.

For more information please read your manual book. "TCP/IP and Data Communications Administration Guide".  or read online document at "http://docs.sun.com/" in Solaris 7 System Administrator COllection >> TCP/IP and Data Communications Administration Guide >> Enabling the Solaris DHCP Client
Hope this help.
Can you pls explain how you link a ethernet card to a modem?
tummaAuthor Commented:
this is just thro the cat5 cable from the modem to the ethernet card.
It is working fine with the linux operating system which , I just got to say dhcp in linux it works smoothy.
It works like any other ethernet cards in an office workstation which recieves dhcp ip address from the server
Please let me know as to how I can configure the dhcp in sun solaris
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