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Why does the McAfee VirusScan Central window open every morning?  My Mom is using version 4 and keeps the files updated.  It opens every morning and usually has "No Suggestions" to report.  Only after 30 days when it's time to update does it ever have suggestions.  Just want to know how to make it so it doesn't open every morning on it's own.  My own copy doesn't do this - can't figure out where to tell it to stop opening each day.  
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When you say every morning do you men on boot up or  certain time?
If it is on boot up you will have to go into the program setup and see if you can stop it at start up or if you use Win98 type msconfig at the run command and look in the start up tab to see if virus central is in it. If so just uncheck it.

If it is at a time that it comes up then you need to look in Mcafee virus scan scheduler. It is probally set to run at the same time every day just delete it/
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
You can also check your various startup files quickly for McAfee or Network Associates information by typing


Depending on what modules you've got setup; many items can load from various files, including autoexec.  Typing REM before the autoexec.bat or config.sys file you no longer wish to run will bypass it.  For the INI files, inserting a semi colon ; in front of the line you wish to bypass does the same thing.  That assumes you're not running Windows 98 and don't have MSCONFIG options, which are much faster and smoother as noted earlier.

I've chosen to run only what I want of the McAfee (Network Associates) modules when I'm going to take online action and/or introducing unknowns (new diskettes, downloads, etc).  All personal choices.
Answer for Win95, win08 should be a bit the same....

check registry:
Start | Run
type: regedit

check under key:

Here are programms that auto-start. Delete everything that looks like mcAfee, write down what you deleted if you're not sure...

User specific?
check: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

It could also be a service, check under services in the control panel and disable (hmmm, this is WinNT, I'm again not sure about Win98...).

Good Luck,

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Try AVP instead hehe

Its much better.

Please follow experts protocol. Unless you are sure you have a solution to someones problem or the correct advice please post only comments so you don't lock the question.
go to start menu-> Run -> msconfig
click the far right tab (startup)
untick everything except scanreg systray and explorer.  

Hope this helps
as always
My Happy
also now that i am think about it go to my computer c: windows startmenu programs startup and take out everything
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
On the 17th I recommended MSCONFIG as one of many possibilities.

Please reject Kind4me's ANSWER; since that was clearly entered as a COMMENT (following protocol) days earlier than Mr. Happy's ANSWER.  Too bad your question was locked, but... well...
mcochranAuthor Commented:
Duplicate posting.  Thanks everyone for the help.  Unfortunately I can't try these things out until I return to my Mom's and who knows when that will be.
astaec please review your answer you did not disscuss msconfig as an option you simply glanced over it, your fix was for 95.  Going by experts rules that was a vaild answer, my answer should not have been rejected untill it was tested.

Yours is as followes;
That assumes you're not running Windows 98 and don't have MSCONFIG options, which are much faster and smoother

That is not an answer.  However if this question is that important to you I feel bad for you and will offer you 100 of my points. If debating for 100 points is really that important to you, I pity you. This site is about an exchange of ideas and to assist other people, you can't get anything with these points so it's no big deal. The most important thing is that the problem gets resolved.  I hope that my sugestion assists mocoh and I am sure it will.  asta grow up.

Till the next time
I hope this helps
as always
Mr Happy

ps I will not be checking for comments on this message any long if you wish to contact me you can reach me

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Listening for more information from you, Mcochran, when you've had a chance to check out the details needed.  What is the Operating System and version and is it registered?  Right click the My Computer icon, select properties and the details there will give key information.

Since I've used many environments of the McAfee packages; for different computers find there are many ways to customize different elements of their Viruscan packages.  Different ways to load, ie.. This, as one example, loads from the autoexec.bat file C:\PROGRA~1\NETWOR~1\MCAFEE~1\SCAN.EXE C:\ (on one system).  Others load from the start-up file, etc.  Lots of good things proposed to check out by folks.  

Listening for more....


In answer to your comment of me, Kind4me, it wasn't, in fact, I who first mentioned msconfig, it was the FIRST COMMENT MADE by SORGIE early AM.  Since we used COMMENTS based upon the unknowns, I believe yours also should have been a comment.  Ultimately, it is each person's decision as to whether or not to accept the answer.

Even at this point, we STILL don't know if mcochran is running Windows 95, Windows 98, NT.  Thus, to ANSWER with msconfig was incorrect and moreover the reason I worded it as I did.  Clearly, if Win98, my statement in fact points to msconfig; but as you'll see if you reread this thread, it was Sorgie who first brought up msconfig.  All of which is at this point merely further proof that an answer is not apropos, especially one which is OS-specific. Points to me aren't the issue, it's using answers only when or if I'm VERY confident that it is THE solution.  Making an MSCONFIG statement that applies to WIndows 98 (which this "could" be) and post it as an answer when we don't even know the operating system just doesn't make sense to me.  


I have the same virus program - it's so annoying. McAfee seems to give the user too much of what he/she doesn't want. You could stuff around with settings inside the virus consoel, but I'd simply uninstall it and download InnoculateItPE from - it's free, and far better. What's more, they upgrade it every 2 weeks or so.

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