hp 7100i buffer underrun?!?

Every time i try to burn an audio-cd, the program(NERO)reports that the energy calibration range is almost full.
It also says that"Timeout for buffer allocation reach"(>= 500 ms). I am using a hp 7100i ide on ide-port 1, the source cd-drive is a lite-on 40x(7x audio on ide port 2, both already self-tested and firmware upgraded. Same problems with hp-software easy-cd and Winoncd 3.5 Thanks a lot
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My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
A buffer underrun occurs when something interrupts the process of write, you must exit all programs, even tsr, antivirus, schedulers, etc. check this out...


I once screw 5 cd, i din't know about it, but now i know...

And if nothing works, try loading the data/audio to the HDD, then burn the CD from there... is more faster...
Have your tried makin an image of the CD to HD and burn it off you HD. coz that should solve you buffer underrun. Well that is if you've tried all the suggestions from those links. Like close all the running background programs, antivirus monitor, etc,etc.
good luck
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Try no to burn the Audio cd "On the fly" (direct cd to cd) unless you have previoulsly tested the audio source cd in question. I find burning audio a little more tricky than data because Nero/Adaptec etc has to read the audio track and then convert it, while burning. The best thing to do is first create a cd image file on your HDD and then burn your audio cd from that.

Sometimes the audio track cd is scrated etc and the reader has a hard time reading and encoding the music.

- Create a image file first and burn that!
- shut down any backround applications
- reduce you write speed to 2x or 1x
- Place you image file on your main (fastest) HDD

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Please try CDrWin for the very best in audio copies. I use version 3.7 and choose back up disk instead of making a image file to my hard drive. I have never experienced any problems with this program copying audio files. If per chance that doesn't work, there are many different tactics to take dealing with file back up. It doesn't stop there. It does let you create an image file to your hard drive(cue) and then come back and select - make disk from Bin(cue). Just remember to always select jitter(or error) correction 5.
Just look at there bold claims-- Here is the address for retriving the latest version-http://www.goldenhawk.de/english/download/
Although the test (trial version) only will record at 1speed.

               Golden Hawk Technology is offering some powerful applications for DOS, Windows 95/NT and ALPHA NT which
               allows you to create almost any type of Data, Audio, Mixed-Mode or Multisession CD. The Software is giving you
               the complete control over the disc layout and track spacing.

               It supports disc-at-once and track-at-once recording, ISO9660 disc mastering and contains a powerful disc
               backup utility.
HUm.. Can any experts suggest prawn not to propose answer unless his answer will solve the problem.. And yeah isn't your answer similar to my comment Prawn?
My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
>>And yeah isn't your answer similar to my comment Prawn?

???, look who's talking...
Sheeettt !! your right man, sorry I didn't see your comment above.
My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
owlrulzAuthor Commented:
sorry guys, but thanks a lot
i´ve already tried to copy from hdd
i´ve already tried not to burn otf
i´ve also already tried to burn single speed.

i think, this cdr has done its job for years now, time to say goodbye.....

once again, thanks a lot for your support!!
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