DOS 6.22 Boot Disk Creator

I'm looking for a program which can create DOS 6.22 or 6.2 Boot Disks. This is because I don't want to keep a MS-DOS machine to be able to create boot disks to setup Netware servers. And just copying the system files from another dos boot disk doesn't work, because when you create a boot disk it writes to the MBR (Master Boot Record).

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a program to do this?
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I am not sure you can create a "boot" disk without a "mbr".
Check out WinImage

It is a utility that will let you make a disk image from a floppy and vice versa.  So once you have created a DOS 6.22 boot disk, you save it as an .img file on your hard drive.  The next time you need a boot disk, you run WinImage, select the .img file that you saved previously, and it will write a new floppy for you.  Works great, I have used it for years.

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Another option would be if the proposed answer does not work.

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