Why does my ibook awake from sleep?

I have the ibook with OS 9. When I close the lid to put it to sleep it does so and then about 5 seconds later it comes back to awake. It even tries to open Sherlock automatically when it awakens. If I put it to sleep by selecting sleep, this works, but only until I close then lid, and then the same thing happens. Can you help?

Thanks, Peter
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Well, It should be fairly simple. There is most likely some app/control panel/extension that you've installed at some time that is bringing the HD back up from sleep. Two things you can do here.
1) Run a simple program like process watcher, before putting the ibook to sleep, and look at the process running. See if there are any out of the ordinary mac extensions and all that are running. http://perso.magic.fr/suli/pw.html
This app will allow you to kill any apps that you may suspect are bringing the computer awake. Start killing the oones you most suspect one by one and see if it resolves it. Process watcher will allow you to go all the way down to the finder.
I'd advise to just use this for troubleshooting though, then when you figure what it is, se if you can just change some settings in the application so it won't bother the sleep mode.
Most likely, virus programs, screen savers, disk utils like norton, these all sometimes run processes that will start running when the mac "seems" to be idle, and possibly they just don't understand sleep, or are set wrong.

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pmacdowAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Brian. I'll give it a try
pmacdowAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Brian. I'll give it a try
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