MSFlexGrid and Tabbed Forms

I have a three-tab form. On the third form, I have the user inputting information into three text boxes. Once they click on Add Item To Order(named cmdAddItem), that information should be transferred to the MSFLexGrid on the second tab. The text boxes that the user typed should now be clear for them to input more information. If they hit Add Item To ORder again, the information should then be inputted to the MSFlexGrid but on the next row. I can't seem to figure out how to get the clearing of the text boxes, and how to get the second row into the Grid without overwriting the info from the first time the click on Add Item was made. Any suggestions?
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In the mouse down event for cmdAddItem, you should be doing 2 things:

1)sending what's in the field to to next MSFlexGrid.row

something like

msflexgrid1.additem txtfld1 & vbtab & txtfld2 & vbtab txtfld3

and, then,

2) setting the text boxes to an empty value (form.txtfld1.text=""; form.txtfld2.text=""; form.txtfld3.text="")
Rog DSQL Developer / Web Development / Business AnalysisCommented:
You will have to see if the Msflexgrid.row has data in it first.  If it does then move to the next row.  You are not incrementing the row and therefore overwriting the data the second time you click on the button.  Also you will have to set the text boxes to "" to clear them out.  

I hope this helps.


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