Start and Stop a Linux Domino Server

I've installed a Lotus Domino Server (Release 5.0.2.a) on a Linux Machine (RedHat 6.1)

The server works fine, but how can I configure the Linux System to start Domino automatically when Linux Starts, and shutdown it when Linux Shutdown.

I need to modify some script, but I don't know where an how. (I'm not a Linux Guru, just a Notes Administrator)

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I assume that you know how to start and stop Domino from the command line.

The next step is to go to the /etc/rc.d/init.d directory. In  here are all the scripts for starting and stopping applications at boot time. You can copy one of these over, perhaps the apache one.

Have copied and renamed the apache script to /etc/rc.d/init.d/domino, you can then edit it so that it starts and stops domino instead of apache. The scripts are well written, and you won't need a great amount of shell scripting to work out what to change.

You can test the script then using

../domino start
../domino stop

To make sure that the script works as you want it to.

Once that script is working, you can to the /etc/rc.d directory again. In there are directories for each runlevel that the system has called rc1.d, rc2.d, rc3.d etc...

For each runlevel that you want to use domino in, ( I suggest 2,3,4,5 ), change to the relevant directory, say rc2.d

In there are a series of symbolic links. For example


The Snnxxxxx links link to programs that are started when you start. The order they are started in is determined by the two digits after the S, so S37named would start before S40sendmail for example.

Work out where you want domino to start ( probably near the end .. about S90 ), and create the symlink

ln -s ../init.d/domino S90domino

and domino will start when you reboot.

The K scripts are run when you shutdown. In reverse order. So create a

ln -s ../init.d/domino K90domino

and voila! It will shut down too.

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ThreadAuthor Commented:
Thank You,
It's works !
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