suppress 'ls' error output

When I run 'ls *.c' (for example), and there are no files with .c extension in the directory, I get the following output: "/bin/ls: No match".
This is very nice, but nothing would please me more than making 'ls' shut up when there are no files to show.
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sharone_Author Commented:
How do I make that happen?
There is no option that keeps 'ls' silent when there are no matching files. The only solution is to direct the standard error output to someplace like /dev/null, while keeping the standard output to your console.

In Bourne shell (/bin/sh) or Korn shell (/bin/ksh), you can do:

ls *.c 2> /dev/null

Any files that match the *.c pattern will appear as normal. If there are no matching files, nothing will appear.

I don't know of any good solution in C shell (/bin/csh).

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you could actually write a little filter script that you would run inplace of ls (maybe named lsc for custom ?) it could check for output
and if none then pipe the echo out to /dev/null, otherwise return the output to the standard out (screen ... ).

EH ... I wouldnt bother myself but if the output really bugs you or if you are running it inside another app then at least this is a way to go.
sorry dirc,
sometimes you read something and yet do not see .
I think I basically mimiced what you said (just a different approach) ...but yeah you're right.

Have fun !
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