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I have an upcoming project that could benefit greatly from a scripting host.  I have written scripting engines before (though not in a while, and I'm certainly not interested in doing so any time soon :) though I'm am interested in the new win32 scripting services.  I would like some information on using M$'s scripting components like:

-how difficult is it to use these components?
-how are the apps objects (etc.) exposed to the script?
-are there any preexisting vcl's you could recomend for providing these services?
-is this one of those things that *really like* D4 or better?
-I assume that once scripting is supported, the source scripts can be written in any laanguage supported by windows scripting, is this true?
-what kind of experiences have you had with these components, good, bad, other?

Thankyou very much (in advance :)

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edeyAuthor Commented:
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I've just started looking into this topic also. A good staring point is the MS Web site:

download the scripting host and the script control. The script control is an ActiveX so its very easy to import it, also there is a reasonable help file. The Delphi Informant magazine has two articles on this subject one of which (Scriptable Plug-ins) introduces an interesting idea of using this technology to allow users to extend some functionality of apps.

Hope this helps - Walter McKie

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edeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the pointers to the delphi mag articles

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