Launching StarOffice 5.1

At this point I don't think I even qualify as a "newbie".

I managed to install Linux 5.1 and StarOffice 5.1. I can not figure out how to launch the StarOffice application.

Can you help?

Thanks, Dave
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well, open an xterm and launch soffice.
If it doesn t find it, maybe it s because your PATH var doesn t include the path where it is installed, you can then try #locate soffice (eventually launching updatedb before) and then adding it to your PATH var (export PATH=$PATH:/your_staroffice_path (probably /opt/Office5.1/bin)
dlehoullAuthor Commented:
Please forgive my ignorance!

StarOffice is installed in /root/Office51. When I go into /root/Office51/bin, I find a file called soffice. I key it in at an nxterm prompt and nothing happens???
(Command not found)
I'm fine on my AS/400s, NT boxes and Novell boxes. Lost on Linux (so far):-)

Thanks, Dave
dlehoullAuthor Commented:
I'm certainly not in any position to "reject" any advice..but I'm not sure if I need to in order to "unlock" this thread for a little clarification.

Thanks again, Dave
then what about typing /root/Office51/bin/soffice in the xterm, or alternativly: cd /root/Office51/bin;./soffice
Or in the xterm, first typing:
export PATH=$PATH:/root/Office51/bin/soffice
And then launching soffice as previously.
The command not found comes from the fact that the system looks for executable in some directories only which are listed in the environment variable PATH. (the current directory is normally not included in it for security reasons). So you either have to explicitly say where the executable is to be found, or add the path to be searched for binaries.

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as you are working as root the problem is that
searching for progs in current directory is disabled.

cd into /root/Office51/bin and then type ./soffice

or change your path in /root/.bashrc or whatever you are
using as a shell as described before.

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