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Is there any were that I can get all (or a lot) of Api Calls and how to use them?  I have looked in the help for Api and it doesn't give you any!
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AllenC_JrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey Thanks...

I found it in a LONG list of links I found on the internet (which I can't remember where..).

It is a good internet resource, and it is updated regularly.

Have a nice day..

Linguar(my aka)
You can use the API text viewer that comes with Visual Studio to get the syntax for a lot of api calls available ,however it won't tell you what they do! Dan Appleman's book, Visaul Basic Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API is one of the best tech books you can buy. It explains thousands of API calls and gives you a good framework for working with API in general.
David Appleman has the best source of API docs I have seen. The book comes with a fully searchable CD that not only tells the API calls, but how to use them with examples.
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I found this site once by mistake, I think it might help you a little bit...


mrcool4444Author Commented:
Wow!  Is there anyplace that I don't have to buy to find out the Api's like on the internet or something?
mrcool4444Author Commented:
AllenCjr..Thanks!!!  That is what I needed!!  How do I accept comments as answers?  Or AllenCjr, post your an answer and I will accept it :)
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