How trap TDataset date-exception?


I have a TDBEdit connected to a DateTime field in a dataset. Now, if I type "10" into the TDBEdit, that means that I am referring to the 10th day in the current month and current year. So I want "10" to be converted into "2000-01-10", which is a valid date.

But before I get a chance to convert the contents I get an exception saying "'10' is not a valid date and time!".

The ideal thing would be to do the conversion in the onExit event of the TDBEdit, but the exception above is raised before I get there!

I've solved it before by putting an ordinary TEdit control on top of the TDBEdit and switch between them, but I really would like a simpler way!

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hi dippen,

i guess(not tested),
you can use the onsettext-event of the underlying Tfield
you can also use the onvalidate-event of the underlying Tfield
where you can place the code, which you used with the tedit.

this events are also available by none-persistant fields


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Maybe you can override the Mask property. Property TCustomMaskEdit.EditMask is protected so its possible make it visible in a new component.
DippenAuthor Commented:
I haven't tested it yet, but it's obviously correct! Thanks alot, I wasn't aware of the fact that these events existed!

Regards, Daniel
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