I have a pdf file that I wish to use in my website.  How do I place this on my webpage to allow viewers to click on it to open.  Also, I have a downloaded pdf file that was sent to me by a friend.  Can I add this to my webpage?

As you can tell, I am very new at Dreamweaver and creating webpages.  I waited until I was 64 before I began.  I would certainly appreciat any help in this area.

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synthieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Dreamweaver 2 you choose insert/plugin and the chosen pdf-file is embedded in your document.

Generally you can add this tag to your webpage in source code (html):
<A href="C:/downloads/yourfile.pdf">
and type in the path and names where your PDF-File is located.

If the viewer has installed the free acrobat reader he can read the file directly by clicking on it, if not, the browser offers him the option to download.

You can do the same as above with the downloaded pdf-file.

have fun!
Dont use absolute path like synthie proposed:
<A href="C:/downloads/yourfile.pdf">  
 Use relative path:
<A href="yourfile.pdf">  (if you put the file pdf in the same dir that you have html file.
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