Links to pages within frames

Can I link to a specific page within a "framed" site & still have the frames?
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Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
Your question isn't clear. Do you want to:

a) Open a page from your own framed site within the frames?

b) Open a single page (which is unframed) from some other site within your framed site?

c) Open a framed site within your framed site?
yes , u can do that whenever u try to do that, use the target keyword in the <a href ..> tag and the link would look like <a href="page.html" target="myframe"> ..... </a> where myframe is the name of teh target frame which have been defined in the frameset page

If what you are asking is what i think you are asking then in your main page (index.html?) where you have the framesets you give each of the html pages a name like left.html name = "Left" so if you named your main page main then all you need to do is <a href = "" target = "Main">link</a> it will open in the main window not in the same one!!
Hope this helps!
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JessicaOKAuthor Commented:
I guess I didn't make my question clear enough!

Someone wants to link from their site to a certain page of my clients site. When they link directly to the page they lose the Navigation frame...

Hope this clears things up!
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
Okay... so let me make sure I'm clear on what you want to have happen.

Someone wants to link to your client's site, and they want a specific page (not the default page) to show up. Your client's site is framed, and when that someone links to the page they want, they lose the navigation frame on your client's site. Alternatively, the Someone links to the standard URL, and gets the default page, with your frames, instead of the page they want.

If this is correct, then here are your options.

1. Create a set of pages which are unframed versions of the pages the Someone wants to visit. These pages can have their own set of links which go back to the linking site, and to the hosting site. Additionally, you can open a new window so the linking site isn't lost.

2. Open a new window, linking to your site. Admittedly, the visitor would have to navigate the site, but you wouldn't lose the frames. You would then use the following syntax to get to the right page:

<a href="">

Personally, I like this because a framed site inside a framed site is a nightmare.

3. Your third possibility, which, I'll admit, I've never tried (and which I'm not sure will work), would be to create something that looks like this:

<a href="" target="someones_big_frame_name">



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JessicaOKAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot ericpete!

That's pretty much what I've figured my options to be!
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
Let me know what you decide to do... You want to see a real mess -- add some ASP coding into the mix... *eyes rolling*
On an added note, using frames is an easy way to display many, many different sites at one time.  Take a look at this;

<frameset  cols="10%,*">
    <frame name="index" src="index.htm" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0">
    <frameset  rows="90%,*">
        <frame name="top" src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0">
        <frame name="bottom" src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0">

Now suppose your index.htm contained links to outside pages.

<A HREF="" target="top">CNN</A><br>
<A HREF="" target="top">15 Seconds</A>

Each of these links will open in the frame called top, (I actually wouldn't use top, blank, parent, or self.  These are frameset reserved words)

Also make sure the page you are linking to doesn't have a frame-buster in it. That would restrict you from displaying it in a page with a navigation frame..

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before 'cos I haven't time right at this moment to read through the history of this topic, but u can use:

<a href="" target="whereveryouwantittodisplay">LINK</a>

Hope this helps you, and sorry if this has been said before.
Yes it has been mentioned before...  Please don't post an answer unless you have read the entire thread and know that what you submit as an answer has not already been mentioned, and is a definitive solution to the question.

I know you are new and all but these are still basic rules of etiquite.

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