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I have a Linksys NIC and I am told that the DecChip Tulip driver will work. However, I don't know how to load the driver. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
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I think most distributions of linux will autosense a tulip card.   Assuming your system does a "depmod -a" somewhere in the startup, then proceed to the /etc/conf.modules file.

alias eth0 tulip

If it still doesn't work, then you would go into a DOS configuration utility (booting off floppy), disable PNP and force reasonable IO and IRQ settings.   Power off and then reboot.  Add another line to /etc/conf.modules...

options tulip io=0xec00 irq=10
This would be if your card has IO at EC00 with IRQ 10

Try using the lspci -v command to get a look at what Linux detects off of your card at startup.  If you can see the eth0 interface with the ifconfig command, you're most of the way done.   It's just IP address and routing at that point.

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digital_00Author Commented:
Ok. I did try adding alias eth0 tulip to the conf.modules of the boot messages reads eth0:unknown interface: No such device.

when i look at the PCI info in KDE it shows my ethernet card with an io=0xfc00 and an IRQ=10.

when i try lspci -v it shows the NIC and reads sumbsytem: Unknown device 11ad:f003

i guess i have to boot from a floppy and try a dos config tool.

i tried adding the 'options...' without going into a dos config tool. that didnt work. Thanks for the tips.
digital_00Author Commented:
please excuse my ignorance on this one. but what kind of dos configuration tool?
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Most Ethernet cards include a floppy that has drivers for Windows NT, 95, 98, Novell, etc.  and also a utility that lets you view or set the card characteristics.  This includes things like forcing the media type, disabling PNP, choosing an IO and IRQ address.  If you do not have such a floppy, visit the manufacturer's web site and see if they have one for you to download.
Long shot.  Your NIC may be using a Tulip clone. Some of the late model FA310TX Netgear NICs use a clone.  Don't know if it is a generic clone or if it is specific to Bay Networks.  As a last resort, you may try using the updated driver that Netgear supplies for linux.  Sorry, but I don't have the web address handy.  

N.B.: the updated driver source file from Netgear uses a different name than the kernel driver, so be careful.

Is this a PCI card or a pcmcia card? It makes a difference.
digital_00Author Commented:
If you leave off the irq section, It will autosence this.  In know that "ne" mod works with LinkSys cards (I have one.)
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