Notification of Toolbar Docking

How can I tell if a toolbar is docking or undocking?  When the toolbar docks or undocks, the child windows shift, so I need to be able to notify them that they have moved.  Docking or undocking a toolbar doesn't seem to generate a WM_MOVE message for some reason.  Does anyone know how to detect that the toolbar has been docked or undocking?
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prokewlAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I should've been a little more clearer.  Is there a way for me to get the toolbar to send me a message that it is being docked or not docked instead of me polling the toolbar.  Thanks for any help!
Why don't U create UR own class derived from CToolBar and rplace the object of CToolBar with UR tool bar obkject and to tool bar class map the message ON_WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED
U will get the notification when ever the toolbar moves
Though this is not the exact way but I think it solves UR problem.

Hope this helps
Try derive your own class from CToolBar and override CalcFixedLayout(...)
for example:
CSize sz = CToolBar::CalcFixedLayout(...);
if (IsFloating() != m_bFloating)
m_bFloating = IsFloating();
//SendMessage here;

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m_bFloating - member of the your derived class
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