CSS for NetScape solution needed.

I am using "style='position: absolute; top: 0; left: 150;'" to position <TD>'s.

This works great with IE but is a total mess in NetScape. I would think that Netscape would ignore the "style" attribute to the table cell and complete the code as just tables. But NOOO!

Can any of you fine experts tell me why this code is totally messed up in NetScape?

<meta http-equiv=Pragma content=no-cache>
<body bgcolor=#006363 link=#006363 alink=#FF0000>
<FORM ACTION=/scripts/esrimap.dll>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=name Value=AnchGIS>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=Left Value=515980.438282627>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=Bottom Value=2624158.74921447>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=Right Value=517126.818821889>
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=Top Value=2625413.03163789>
<table border=0 width=650 bgcolor=#006363 cellpadding=0 style='position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0;'>
<td border=0 bgcolor=#006363 style='position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0;' background=http://gistest1/GisWeb/themes.gif width=150 height=880 align=left valign=top rowspan=10>
<INPUT TYPE=Submit NAME=Cmd2 VALUE=Redraw><br>
<p align=left><font color=#ff0000 face=Arial size=1>&nbsp;Check Themes to draw then <br>&nbsp;select &quot;Redraw&quot; to display<br>&nbsp;them.</font>
<p align=left>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw00>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/trails.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="TRAILS Metadata">Trails</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw01>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/airports.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="AIRPORTS Metadata">Airports</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw03>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/roadnet.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="ROADNET Metadata">Roads</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw04>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/sewer.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="SEWER Metadata">Sewer Lines</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw06>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/water.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="WATER Metadata">Water Lines</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw08>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/streams.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="STREAMS Metadata">Streams</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw13>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/censustk.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="CENSUSTK Metadata">Census Tracts</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw14>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/legis.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="LEGIS Metadata">Legislative</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw15>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/zoning.html" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="ZONING Metadata">Zoning</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw16>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/srhi_att.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="SRHI_ATT Metadata">SR High Bndy</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw17>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/jrhi_att.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="JRHI_ATT Metadata">JR High Bndy</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw18>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/elem_att.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="ELEM_ATT Metadata">Elementary Bndy</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw19>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/apdbeats.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="APDBEATS Metadata">Police Beats</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw20>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/bldg.html" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="BUILDINGS Metadata">Buildings</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw22 value=on CHECKED>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/parcels.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="PARCELS Metadata">Parcels</A><br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<IMG SRC=http://gistest1/scripts/esrimap.dll?name=symbol&color=000000&outcolor=400000&style=0&type=1&size=2><font size=-2> Boundaries</font><BR><INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw23>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/assembly.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="ASSEMBLY Metadata">Assembly</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw24>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/wetlands.html" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="WETLANDS Metadata">Wetlands</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw25>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/parks.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="PARKS Metadata">Parks</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw26>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/windspd.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="WINDSPD Metadata">Wind Speed</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw27>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/fldlimit.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="FLDLIMIT Metadata">Flood Hazard</A><br>
<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=Draw28>
<A HREF="http://gistest1/GisWeb/DataDictionary/seismic.htm" TARGET="newwindow" TITLE="SEISMIC Metadata">Seismic</A><br>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 0; left: 150;' height=18 width=500 colspan=5>
<p align=center>&nbsp;<b><font face=Times New Roman color=#FFFFFF size=5>Municipality of Anchorage</font></b></p>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 25; left: 150;' colspan=5 width=500 align=right height=350 bgcolor=#006363>
<INPUT TYPE=image NAME=click STYLE=cursor:crosshair SRC=D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\GisWeb\vbapps\..\..\temp\5062AnchGIS_10.jpg></td>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 375; left: 150;' height=60 width=500 colspan=5 bgcolor=#006363 valign=top>
<p align=center><font color=#FFFFFF><font face=Arial color=#ff0000>Clicking on the Map will: <font size=1>(select one)</font></font><br>
<select name=Zfact >
<option value=1.0> 2x<option value=.8> 3x<option value=.6> 4x<option value=.4 selected> 5x<option value=.2> 6x<option value=.08> 7x<option value=.06> 8x<option value=.04> 9x</select>  Zoom Factor <INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Cmd VALUE=ZoomOut > Zoom Out
<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT NAME=Cmd3 VALUE=Extent> Full Extent  <br>
<INPUT TYPE=RADIO NAME=Cmd VALUE=Identify CHECKED> Identify Layer Features</font><hr>&nbsp;
<td style='position: absolute; top: 440; left: 150;' height=29 width=500 colspan=5 bgcolor=#006363 valign=top>
<p align=center><font color=#FFFFFF><b>Set Identify Layer: </b></font><select name=IDlayer>
<option value="bldg">Buildings
<option value="Parcels" selected>Parcels
<option value="Parks">Parks
<option value="rds">Roads
<option value="Seismic">Seismic
<option value="sewer">Sewer Lines
<option value="water">Water Lines
<option value="Wetlands">Wetlands
<option value="Assembly">Assembly
<option value="legis">Legislative
<option value="Zoning">Zoning
<option value="elem_att">Elementary Bndy
<option value="jrhi_att">Junior High Bndy
<option value="srhi_att">Senior High Bndy
<option value="censustk">Census Tracts
<option value="apdbeats">Police Beats
</select><font color=#ff0000>&nbsp;(select layer to identify)</font><br><br></p></td></tr>
<tr><td style='position: absolute; top: 469; left: 150;' height=19 width=250 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#E0E0E0><strong><font color=#008080>&nbsp;Owner Information:</font></strong></td>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 469; left: 400;' height=19 width=250 colspan=4 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#E0E0E0><strong><font color=#008080>Parcel Information:</font></strong></td></tr>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 488; left: 150;' height=100 width=250 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#FFFFFF><font face=Arial><small><small><font color=#0080C0>&nbsp;Owner:</font>RANGE ROY B                                                                               </small><br>
<small><font color=#0080C0>&nbsp;Mail Addr:</font><font color=#C0C0C0></font></small><small>4002 GARFIELD                 </small><br>
<small><font color=#0080C0>&nbsp;City:</font>ANCHORAGE       </small><br>
<small><font color=#0080C0>&nbsp;State:</font>AK</small><br>
<small><font color=#0080C0>&nbsp;Zip Code:</font>99503</small></small></font></td>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 488; left: 400;' height=100 width=250 colspan=4 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#FFFFFF><font face=Arial><small><small><font color=#0080C0>Parcel Map ID: </font>1021223</small><br>
<small><font color=#0080C0>Parcel ID:</small> </font><small>01021223000</small><font color=#0080C0><br>
<small>Renumber ID:</small> </font><small>0000000000000</small><font color=#0080C0><br>
<small>Site Address: </font></small></small></font></td>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 588; left: 150;' height=19 width=250 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#E0E0E0><small><font face=Arial><small></small></font></small><font face=Times New Roman color=008080><strong>&nbsp;Legal Information:</strong></font><small><font face=Arial><small></small></font></small></td>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 588; left: 400;' height=19 width=250 colspan=4 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#E0E0E0><small><small><font face=Arial></font></small></small><font face=Times New Roman color=#008080><strong>Assessment History:</strong></font><small><small><font face=Arial></font></small></small></td>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 607; left: 150;' height=100 width=250 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#FFFFFF><font face=Arial><small><small><font  color=#0080C0>&nbsp;Description:</font><font color=#408080></font><font color=#000000>EVERGREEN                     BLK  15 LT   5                                              </small></small><br>
</font><font color=#0080C0><small><small>&nbsp;Unit:</small></small> </font><font color=#000000><small><small>          </small></small></font><br>
<font color=#0080C0><small><small>&nbsp;Plat:</small></small> </font><font color=#000000><small><small>000000
</small></small></font><font color=#0080C0><br>
<small><small>&nbsp;Zone: </font><font color=#000000>R2M  </font></small></small></font></td>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 607; left: 400;' height=100 width=40 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#FFFFFF><font face=Arial><small><small><font color=#0080C0>Year:</font></small></small><br>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 607; left: 440;' height=100 width=70 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#FFFFFF><font face=Arial><small><small><font color=0080C0>Building:</font></small></small><br>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 607; left: 510;' height=100 width=70 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#FFFFFF><font face=Arial><small><small><font color=#0080C0>Land:</font></small></small><br>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 607; left: 580;' height=100 width=70 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#FFFFFF><font face=Arial><small><small><font color=#0080C0>Total:</font></small></small><br>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 707; left: 150;' height=19 width=500 colspan=5 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#E0E0E0><small><small><font color=#000000 face=Arial></font></small></small><strong><font face=Times New Roman color=#408080>&nbsp;Tax Information:</font></strong><small><small><font color=#000000 face=Arial></font></small></small></td>
<td style='position: absolute; top: 726; left: 150;' height=124 width=500 colspan=5 valign=top align=left bgcolor=#FFFFFF><small><small><font color=#000000 face=Arial></font><font face=Arial color=#0080C0>&nbsp;1999 Tax:</font><font color=#000000 face=Arial>0</small></small><br>
</font><small><small><font face=Arial color=#0080C0>&nbsp;Balance:</font><font color=#000000 face=Arial>1781.4</small></small><br>
</font><small><small><font face=Arial color=#0080C0>&nbsp;Tax District:</font><font color=#000000 face=Arial>003</small></small><br>
</font><small><small><font face=Arial color=#0080C0>&nbsp;Exemptions:</font><font color=#000000 face=Arial>               </small></small><br>
</font><small><small><font face=Arial color=#0080C0>&nbsp;State Credit:</font><font color=#000000 face=Arial>0</font></small></small></td>
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I looked at your code and messed a little with it.  Taking out all the style references in the <td> cells seemed to make the pages look mostly the same in IE5 and NS4.6.  I'm not sure what exactly is gained by the specific absolute positioning in the tags.

I don't know that this is helpful, but it's what I found.  There are still some more things needing "fixing", but...

In particular, the white font does not seem to hold unless it is specified in each table cell (or in a <style> block in the document head).


apwbeAuthor Commented:
I tried just using tables but had a hard time getting the images and tables to align just right. For one thing I could not get rid of the border around the whole table so my table started about 10 pixels down and 10 pixels to the right. I tried setting all border references to "0" but could not get rid of this 10 pixel exterior border until I used absolute positioning which works wonderfully in IE5. Before using absolute positioning, I place the first cell as size w=150 and h=880 then the rest of the <tr><td>s are placed to the right of this cell. When I first run this html it looks fine (excempt for the exterior border) but the second call to the html causes the first cell to be overlapped by the cells to the right by about 5-8 pixels, this messes up the image (150 x 880)in the first cell. The screen then looks unbalanced.
have You tried using one absolutely positioned layer...and putting the table in there? that always seems to work fine with me..

Good luck...if You need more help let me know...
Max Davidse.
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I've heard, that Netscape has problems with spaces in style tags!
Try it without spaces (it looks a bit strange, but perhaps that's the clue).
Netscape doesn'T like space between the end of an image tag and the closing td tag.  For instance:
<td align="left"><img src="imagename.jpg" border="0" alt="">

is likely to generate a space, whereas
<td align="left"><img src="imagename.jpg" border="0" alt=""></td> won't.  Go figure! *S*

If I were you, I think I'd get rid of all the absolute positioning stuff, frankly.  I'm not sure it's necessary.

If it's up somewhere I'd love to see it; running from my hard drive wasn't the same as I couldn't see the images and so on.

Good luck!

I did it for ya ;-)

Replace your body tag with this:
<body bgcolor=#006363 link=#006363 alink=#FF0000 leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">

And your <TABLE> tag with this:
<table border=0 width=650 bgcolor=#006363 cellpadding=0>

Keep everything as it is, and it should work...

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apwbeAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all the experts that gave me a reply. AUT gave me the best answer and I was able to acheive the results I needed. The key was setting the margins to "0" in the <body> tag. It was a simple solution to my positioning problem and I never even thought about checking the <body> tag properties.  

Thanks to all.
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