Change Paradox Password Dynamically

I have Paradox database files, and I want to let the user set a password for these files.  I can do it from Database Desktop, but the user cannot.  So, I want my program to do this for the user.  

Is it possible?
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The following function should change (or add) a master password to the table,it is using the DbiDoRestructure()call:

procedure SetPassword(Tbl: TTable; Password: DbiName);
  hDb: hDbiDb;
  TblDesc: CRTblDesc;
  Dir: String;
  SetLength(Dir, dbiMaxNameLen + 1);
  Tbl.Active := True;
  Check(DbiGetDirectory(Tbl.DBHandle, False, PChar(Dir)));
  SetLength(Dir, StrLen(PChar(Dir)));
    FillChar(TblDesc, sizeof(CRTblDesc), #0);
    Check(DbiOpenDatabase(nil, nil, dbiReadWrite, dbiOpenExcl, nil, 0, nil, nil, hDb));
    Check(DbiSetDirectory(hDb, PChar(Dir)));
    TblDesc.bProtected := True;
    TblDesc.szPassword := Password;
    StrPCopy(TblDesc.szTblName, Tbl.TableName);
    StrCopy(TblDesc.szTblType, szParadox);
    Check(DbiDoRestructure(hDb, 1, @TblDesc, nil, nil, nil, False));   finally

Regards Barry

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could probably also use the tsessions  AddPassword,GetPassword functions...
SuperSyAuthor Commented:

Thank you very much for the answer --- I am evaluating the answer right now.  

AddPassword is actually to provide password to a Paradox database in order to gain access to it.   GetPassword is to popup an "Enter Password.." dialog box, I believe.  

Somehow, I never saw this BDE help before, although I seem to have always had it.  

I have a good feeling about this one, so please give me some time to try your procedure out...

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no problem ,thanks for the addpassword info
 (note i rarely do database stuff so dont know the ins and outs of all the comps mostly what i pick up from other questions ;-)
SuperSyAuthor Commented:

Works beautifully.  I still have not understood the procedure entirely, but I feel safe to give you my sincere gratitude and the points that are rightfully yours.  

Once again, thank you very much for your prompt answer proposal, and thank you for being a true expert.  


im glad it worked,nice to know the helps appreciated :-)
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