RH6.1 Modem: Always get NO DIAL TONE

I installed Mandrake RH6.1, set up modem with KDE Kppp and the modem tests OK.  After it dials my ISP, I get the NO DIAL TONE message always.  I have reverified all of the ISP provided info (Mindspring) and the phone number.  It works with Win98.  I also used a telephone to dial the number and I get the typical modem noises.  Any ideas???
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What brand and model is the modem?  Have you checked to see if it is a winmodem?  If it is it will not work.
No DIAL TONE after dialing is senseless. Try to add ATX3 in your modem init string.

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budpelhamAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  this helped get past NO Dial Tone, but now I get NO Carrier.  I need to check if my modem is a winmodem, it is a Zoom Faxmodem 56k..etc.  Another possibility is that Linux is picking up the old modem on my motherboard and not the 56k one in the PCI slot.  That would explain why I am not getting anywhere.  I will test that tonight.  Thanks for the help.
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