There are two comcat32.dll on my machine, one in WINNT\system32, and one in an application file.  Both are version 4.71.  I'm trying to clean out the application file, and find I am prevented from removing the comcat32.dll which lives there.

(1) Why?
(2) How can I delete it?
(3) What does it do? (A short tutorial would be much appreciated.

Note: I'm asking this from home, having recently registered at work.  I quickly ran out of points at work.  In addition to replying here, please also send me note at:

Aside: Can I transfer points between my two accounts?

I appreciate your help. -- Norm
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1] because its being used
2] i don't think you can delete this
3] Its one of those files which is required by the system so that after the application has been installed, this file and along with a bunch of others are required.
In fact when you distribute your packaged built in vb and install it on another machine, you can see this file.

Other things:
EE doesn't allow a user to have multiple accounts so forget about transfer or points b/w 2 accounts.

Just Reboot in "Dos Mode" since windows is using the DLL (although closing the program that's using it should clear the reference, but if not, keep reading...) and then, if you don't know Dos..
"Del C:\Path\to\file\comcat32.dll"
Hope that works, c ya!

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posnormAuthor Commented:
Belatucadro: Thank you!  I appreciate your help -- Norm
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