Follow-up to Word 2000/Outlook 200 Plain Text Question

Although I can now more easily create a Plain Text message with Word as the e-mail editor (thanks!), why does Outlook/Word ignore the 'Send Plain Text only' flag in a Contacts file?

I.e. this should be automatic so that all messages to a contact are Plain Text, even though the default is RTF or HTML.

Were it automatic, I wouldn't have to remember the clients in my Outlook Contacts who must receive Plain Text!

Any ideas?
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Neo_mvpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was checking with a few inside sources and the "Plain Text" checkbox is indeed for IMO use only.  As for the why... Has to do with they way they implemented certain DLLs.

Anyway, sorry I couldn't be of much use.
Hmm... I have been testing with OL2K using Word 2K as my editor and I keep getting a "Plain Text" warning dialog at the time I click send.

Can you expand on versions in use and how to duplicate?
mark_ottawayAuthor Commented:
Word 2K version 9.0.2720.
Outlook 2K version

1. In Outlook set RTF or HTML as your default email format and Word as your email editor.

2. Open a sample Outlook Contact and using the All Fields/All Contact Fields tab change the 'Send Plain Text Only' to Yes.  Save and close this contact.

3. Right click on contact's title bar and select 'New Message to Contact'.

4. Word will open in email format to allow you to e-mail him/her.

5. However (for me anyway) the email will still be sent in the Outlook default format (RTF or HTML) not Plain Text.

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Are you running in Corp/Workgroup or Internet Mail Only mode?  Reason that I ask is that I am running in Internet Mail Only mode and that field is on the general tab of a contact record.  I'm just about ready to concede that the CW mode of Outlook 2K ignores this field.  (Another one of those suttle differences between modes.)
mark_ottawayAuthor Commented:
This PC is in Corp/Workgroup Mode.  My home PC is Internet Only though, so I'll have a look tonight.

You may have hit it on the head.

(In fact I noticed that 'Plain Text' is a button on the Outlook email template but that it never actually appears.)
mark_ottawayAuthor Commented:
I checked and my home PC, in Internet Only, does have plain text and it works as you woudl expect.

I wonder why they don't implement it in Corp/Workgroup mode?!

Thanks for your help anyway - doesn't look like there's any way around this one.
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