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I'm looking for a current book on JavaScript that is designed for a beginner in the sense that there are workable examples and explanations for basic techniques as well as more advanced uses. I know a little JavaScript and bought a book a while ago, "JavaScript Complete," by Steven Holzner, published in 1998. It's not too bad, although it only covers select applications and I've found it difficult to do what I want with it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? BTW, the book needs to be available at Barnes and Noble (, as I have gift certificates to spend :-)
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Michel PlungjanConnect With a Mentor IT ExpertCommented:
I hope you find one...

When you have read and understood it, get JavaScript, The definitive Guide 3rd edition from O'Reilly
Also DHTML The definitive Reference is a good reference book...

Another good one (It includes Server Side JS which is not covered in the Definitive Guide) is the JavaScript Bible, 3rd edition by the Guru himself Danny Goodman.

I believe Goodman is the author of DHTML, the Definitive Guide.

Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
He is, but I do not particular like his writing style, the dhtml is good because it has the dom and html4 with xbrowser tables

lhuttonAuthor Commented:
Thank you Michel; your input is always appreciated :-)

I will definitely have to consider these two.
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