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I'm currently running Linuxmandrake on my laptop and I have a softmodem (aka winmodem) installed on my machine.  I used to use turbo linux and I have a modem driver that I downloaded onto my computer and it worked.  Now I have Mandrake insetalled and I cant seem to use the driver.  I get alot of unresolved symbols.  Is there anything I can do to get my modual to install without having to downgrade my system back to turbo?
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jamesRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you have upgrades from TurboLinux, I would guess that there's been a kernel upgrade involved. The kernel over time, and drivers must be upgraded to cope with this.

If you have a module built for Linux 2.0, and you are running 2.2, the chances of it working are slim and none. And slim just left town.

To get it working you will need to either downgrade, or go back to the original place you got the driver from, and see if they have an updated version for the new kernel.
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