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I have the HP Officejet 710 Multifunction machine.  Using a Dell Notebook With 233MHz and 64 MB RAM.
I have installed the software before and someone screwed it all up.  I Uninstalled the softwarw, but now I cannot reinstall the software.  The CD is OK as I tested it on another machine.
I try to reinstall and get the following "!" message. To the effect "You have uninstalled the software and you need to reboot"  Well I reboot and continue to get the same message over and over again.  What's the problem and how can I fix this?
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Try booting to safe mode and uninstalling the software.
Go to start find files and folders
Search for anything hp and officejet 710   - once the search results come up showing you the files delete whatever files that are directly related to the HP 710...
Try installing again if that does not work then follow directions below


go to start run and type regedit hit enter....once you are in the registry click the Plus sign next to HKEY_CURRENT CONFIG. click the plus sign next to system, then keep hitting the plus sings till you see a folder printers click the plus sign next to that and then look for the hp if you find it there right click on the folder and select delete then go back up the tree and click the minus sign next to HKEY CURRENT CONFIG to close all the folders you opened...

Click the plus sign next to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE then system, current control set, control, print, printers then deleted the folder that has the HP 710 listed.

Once you are done with that click the minus sign next HKEY LOCAL MACHINE....

Click on MY COMPUTER.....  in the registry editor then go to edit and select find. For the search criteria type in HP and then basically hit find next it will then find a key pay close attention to the name of the key if it mentions the HP 710 or officejet delete it otherwise hit f3 to search for the next match also try officejet as search criteria, can also try 710 but it may bring up things not related at all to hp so becareful if you use that as the search criteria    let me know what happens

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lllaoAuthor Commented:

How to I save my registry just in case and then restore the saved old one should I need to in an emergency?
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To make a backup
In the registry editor
Go to file then export registry file
Type the name regbackup
then save it to your desktop

To restore the registry back to the orignal
Go into the registry editor
click on file
select import registry
now point to the copy of the registry on your dekstop and hit ok
it should now put into affect the backup copy of registry you made.
lllaoAuthor Commented:

Did all that you said and still no install.  The installation software still believes that the uninstall has not fully completed itself and requires a reboot, but the message still comes up.  I've deleted everything that I could see related to the hp and I tried booting without loading registry or any drivers and still gets the message.  i guess if all else fails I can delete the hard disk and reinstall everything.
Any ideas before last resort?
how are you trying to install this????
I am assuming it is either an auto load program where you put the cd in and it automatically goes through the install or it is a start run type install....

IF you can try this
Go to start settings printers, make sure the driver is not already listed in this window if it is right click on it delete and if it asks you if you want to delete the shared files say yes. If it is not listed or you have already doen that then double click add printer it will welcome you to wizard click next then it will ask local or network select local (you may not see this screen) then it will give a list of manufacturers. Insert your cd into the drive and then click on have disk then click on browse go the bottom where it says drives select the cd-rom drive then look at the folders see if there is a listing for win95/win98 something like that or a folder that says printer or something....  click on them until you find a name of a printer driver appearing in the left hand window that has the extension .inf ..... (if this does not work skip down to the next set of instructions) then click on the file and click ok then ok again it should now show the name of the printer you are trying to install click next....NOTE THE NEXT SCREEN IS VERY IMPORTANT you will not see a screen saying a driver is already installed for this printer keep or replace existing driver are your choices select replace and continue with the install.....

IF that didn't work or the cd for the printer uinstall does not contain an inf file then try this

Go to my computer double click on it to to open it then right click on the cd-rom drive and select explore....then look for a file or folder saying printer fax scanner or something like that or a folder that says installl look for an alternative install method if one is not available go to next step...

go to start run type msconfig and hit enter
Click on the tab that says win.ini click the plus sign next to ports, devices, printers, printer ports.... see if anything hp is listed if it is then uncheck it.....  then go to the startup tab look for anything hp if you see any lines referencing hp then uncheck them .... go to the startup tab and look for the 386 enh and also the boot section   look for anuything hp in those two sections if you find anything hp uncheck it and then apply your changes and exit out of that reboot and try again installing make sure you hit ctrl,alt, delete and end task everything in the background except for explorer and systray   end task everyhting else then try installing again.

KEEP ME POSTED I am pretty sure we will find a way to get rid of this message without formatting the H.D.    please provide me some moe information if none of this works

what versiion of windows you are running ?
How this program installs i.e. it auotlaunches when you put the cd in etc.... ?
did you install anything else when you installed this or shortly after ?
Do you have clean sweep or any other uninstaller programs?
lllaoAuthor Commented:

I have tried all of the above before with no success.  The hp program will only (only) allow you to load drivers through its software so if you try to load a driver a message appears saying that you must run the installation program.  Running 98 ver 2.  No uninstall programs.  When you put the cd in it auto launches with 3 choices.
1) Uninstall the program. 2) Install the software on a PC. 3) Install the software on a Notebook.  If 2) or 3) is selected then I get the message.  If 1) is selected it says that the program is not installed.  To be honest its not my computer, but like I said it was working then someone screwed it up.  Don't know what was done.  Basically now the printer is running off the old Officejet driver which comes with 98.  It works fine, but you can only print b/w and can't use the multifunctions.  Yes I tried eliminating this driver and tried to install the software for the 710.  Thanks for your help, but after your last response I think I will end this question.
have you tried uninstalling from the add/ remove programs control panel or the start programs list. I would think they would have more then just the uninstaller on the CD-Rom.... Hvae you checked HP's Support website ????
lllaoAuthor Commented:

Nothing in add/rem programs.  this is very surprising from hp not to have an alternate method of installation.  yes I've checked hp website and the owner of the printer called hp tech and they said it was a computer problem.  Passing the buck as usual.  Thanks again.

I really want to get this fixed for you I know how fustrating this must be....

I said before from the sounds of it is a registry problem  .... do this go to start run and type sysedit then hit enter then go to the win.ini and copy and paste it all into a wordpad or notepad document name it copy of win file then go into the system.ini and do the same thing then e-mail them to me at I will review your system files and see if I can see where it is picking it up from but there is either something in the registry that is doing this or in the system files....

Make a backup of registry before you do this
Go back into the regedit also and use the searchtool and type in hp do a search anything that looks like it belongs to the previous printer delete the key also do a seach on the mode of the printer also try officejet   try all 3 of those search criteria's....
lllaoAuthor Commented:

My apologizes as I know you take great pride in your work and we both would just like to solve the problem, but again its not my computer and the owner must move on as it is used for business.
Thank-you and hope that I hear from you on another issue in the future.

lllaoAuthor Commented:
your welcome lllao I wish I could have gotten it fixed for you.... :)
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