Linux very slow?

I am a new user of Linux.  I find my newly installed RedHat Linux 6.1 is very slow in XWindow compared to win98.  I am using AMD-K6-2 333MHz computer which give me satisfactory speed in Win98.
However, the low speed may be due to some error in my setting.  When I running XWindow in console 7, I find the following error appear continuously in console 1:

ATARI device hdd:
Error: Not ready--(Sense key=0x02)
(reserved error code)--(asc=0x3a, ascq=0x01)
The failed "Test Unit Ready" packet command was:
"00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00"

This error keep appearing and my harddisk seem running all the time.  I think this cause my Xwindow running slow.
I have two harddisk.  Linux native and swap in the 4.3G c:.
d: is a FAT16 MSDOS formated with no system transferred.
When i install RedHat Linux 6.1, I have chosen both c and d driver to be available.

Could anyone help me?

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That  HD error doesn't sound too healthy.
As for Linux being very slow, you should check whats running ie what daemon are you running.

Make sure that you dont have webservers, dns nameservers, samba servers, etc running that you're never going to use.  (use "top" to show whats using what).
Maybe there's a misunderstanding in terms. The error message you reported tells you that the system tries to
access the slave device on your secondary EIDE controller
(running on IRQ 15). You tell us that you have two hard disks, but surely you have a CD-ROM drive too? That would
be connected to one of the EIDE controllers, too.

Maybe you know this already: The windows C:  and D: drive have no direct mapping to Linux' /dev/hdc and /dev/hdd. Instead, Linux goes and calls
    Master on primary EIDE controller:   /dev/hda
    Slave on primary EIDE controller:    /dev/hdb
    Master on secondary EIDE controller: /dev/hdc
    Slave on secondary EIDE controller:  /dev/hdd
If a CD-ROM drive is connected to any of those places, it can be used by the corresponding name. If a hard drive it connected, there will be further devices named /dev/hdx1, /dev/hdx2 and so on. Those are partitions on that disk. Primary partitions are numbered 1 to 4, logical partitions (or logical drives) are numbered from 5 up.

Now I suggest that you check your drives and CD-ROM and follow up your question with further information about your system. There are a number of possible causes for your error message (trying to mount a CD-ROM that is not inserted, for example), and any more information you can give us will make searching easier.
I'd be popping into an xterm and executing

cat /etc/fstab

And looking to see if device /hdd is being automounted, then checking to see if it's your CD-ROM drive.  If it is, try popping a data CD in as a first step to see if it helps, and then consider not having it automount.

If the system is trying to mount the device every few seconds you'll be copping a real performance hit.

Another thing to do is to run the 'top' command, and see if a particular process is always running, grabbing a lot of CPU/Memory etc - if it's always at the top of the list (other than top itself - which will be there most of the time while running), you may have found another culprit.
Well, I'm getting that same error on my Mitsumi CDRW on a cyrix mII/300.  It is not related in the least to xwindows but rather something in the settings.  I as able to run RH 4.2, 5.0, 5.2, and 6.0 on this same system.  I haven't messed around too much with the problem since I need windows for word processing and I like IE better than Netscape.  I'm running Windows 2000 RC3 though since 98 really crashes a lot.  I would recommend simply reinstalling if you haven't done too much customizing.  You might also read the HD related howtos at  Other than that, if you're not too attached to RH 6.1, why not just use 6.0?

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