can't access shell anymore

Ok, here goes. I was playing with the xconfig stuff trying to get my LCD to work. I am running Mandrake 6.0 on an Intel Celeron box.

I got to a point where I made the display settings change and accidentally told it to start X when it boots. Now, when it boots up i try to login (quickly) as root with the pwd but it then goes and launches X. Here's where the problem is, since it was not configured properly I cannot see anything and cannot figure out a way to break out to a shell.

I tried ctrl-c, ctrl-z, alt-f1 through f12 etc. (guessing as you can tell). The only time I see something is when I press Alt and two f-keys simultaneously. When I do this it flashes the mandrake login graphic and prompt and then disappears. Somehow I am stuck and cannot figure out how to fix it.

To reboot I hit alt-ctrl-del twice and it reboots ok (somehow thinks it was shutdown properly).
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Try press ctrl+alt+F1 (switch to text mode console) or ctrl+alt+BS (backspace) to kill X server process.
jansenAuthor Commented:
These did not do anything. Thanks though.
1) Reboot System
2) at lilo prompt type linux single
3) this will bring you in on a root prompt (no password needed and no X
4) cd /etc
5) edit the inittab file using your favorate text editor.

inside inittab you will find a line soething like:

change this to

6) Save the file.
7) at the root prompt type init 3
8) This will bring you to a normal text mode login screen. If you have problems logging in (cr does not work) then press the Alt key and then the F2 key which will give you another console which will work to login on.


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