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We need to transfer directories using FTP for Solaris 2.6. Please suggest a software we can download Internet. We need to transfer the directory and its content, without making changes to the structure. (not file by file)
We need to do this before midnight.  Help from Costa Rica!!
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I may be wrong, but from memory, I don't think FTP supports directory or recursive transfers.

Can you create an archive of the files (eg: tar or backup or cpio) and then FTP the archive and extract it on the other machine?  You could compress it before sending it and then it would be faster too!  Of course you would need some temporary free space to use this method.

What kind of UNIX are you using on the two machines?

If you need details on how to create and extract the archive, let us know.  If you tell us you directory name, we can be more specific with the answer.
This is a little to late to help you at this time, but it may help you if you encounter the same problem in the future. The easiest way to do this it to download the program, wget, if you don't already have it. You can get a binary in package format for Solaris 2.6 from http://sunfreeware.com .

In it's simplest form, you would use something like:
  wget -r ftp://ftp.foobar.com/dir1/dir2
This command would download all files and sub-directories under /dir1/dir2 on foobar.com and recreate them in your local directory. If you need a username and password to login, you could use:
   wget -r  ftp://username:password@ftp.foobar.com/dir1/dir2

Read the man page to find out more. Sorry you won't get this in time...
Ana_RojasAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the answers.  We solve the problem using a utility with recursivity.
You can use rdist -c source_dir remote:/remote_dir too. (Don't forgot to add your host into .rhosts file on remote server)

I think this is easiest way for your task.

NcFTP (available from www.ncftp.com) supports recursive ftp transfers.

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