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basically, i either need to know how to manipulate screen memory on my PPC powerbook, which i assume will be the same for other macs, in code warrior, or what is the code warrior mac equivilent to graphics.h in PC c?
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Not an "easy" question, but you want to look at the CGrafPort data structure, and specifically the PixMap pointed to by the PixMapHandle.  To get the screen memory for the main screen, use GetMainDevide() to get the GDHandle of the main graphics device, then look at the PixMapHandle of that device.  Be sure to use GetPixBaseAddr to get the base address of screen memory, use rowBytes to decide how much memory is allocated for each row of pixels, use bounds to convert to screen coordinates, and use pixelSize to determine how many bits are allocated per pixel.

You can find more information by looking at the QuickDraw documentation:
http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macos8/MultimediaGraphics/QuickDraw/quickdraw.html>, the offscreen graphics documentation:
http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macos8/MultimediaGraphics/OffscreenGraphicsWorld/offscreengraphicsworld.html>, and some of the graphics sample code:

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