I have a tv/video capture card and can convert video tape to computer .avi files and edit them.
How do I turn the .avi file back to a video file ?
The video editing software I have seen (very little) only has options for saving as .avi files.
I'm puzzled. Is it not possable to convert avi's to video tape ?
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"How do I turn the .avi file back to a video file"
You have to use software to do it. If the program you have won't here is one I use that will.
"Is it not possable to convert avi's to video tape"
It is entirely possible
gadAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mr Breeze but that is both hardware & software which at this experimental time I don't wish to outlay that amount even though the system sounds great.
Sorry I didn't realize I posted as an answer, I meant it as a comment. I offered a suggestion to the question's
"How do I turn the .avi file back to a video file" and  
"Is it not possable to convert avi's to video tape" and the answer is as I posted. You have to have the software capable of doing it and Studio 400 is just one such program. Perhaps you could clarify the question or restate it too eliminate my confusion.
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KennyIT Application ExecutiveCommented:
I am sure that your video capture card has a video out socket. This will output your video. Connect this to your VCR, play the avi, and record it.

Works for me.
gadAuthor Commented:
Hi guys
The manual says "The adapter comes with a multi-function cable. It allows for the connection to other video devices. For instance, you may connect to a VCR, or camera, ect. The adapter provides for two types of video input. One for composite Video and the other for S-Video input.
The multi-function cable has other two connectors. In addition to video input connectors, you can connect to a remote control for other audio devices."
It states "video input" there is no mention anywhere of video output. I have tried connecting the cables to the video "in" connectors & tried to copy the .avi but it did not work.
Thanks for all your help. Guess this card just doesn't cut the custard. I'll follow the newsgroups & see what I can learn.

Thanks again.

I have one simple suggestion. It does work though.

This with the point in focus, that ur video capture card does not have a video out socket. I would suggest that u go in for a simple 'VGA to PAL' converter card, this is not at all expensive. This card will come with a video out socket that u can connect to ur TV. This card outputs whatever u have on ur VGA display on ur monitor onto the TV screen. Play ur file fullscreen & from the TV u can record it back on to a tape.

The only dependency though is that of the VRAM(video memory) on ur computer. The better the VRAM the smoother the frames will be. And the capture back onto the tape is also smooth.

This used to work fine for me.

Try it out,


Ullas P.A.

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