Is there some tools can convert *.exe to *.swf?

I want to find a tool that can convert *.exe files to *.swf,
do you know such tool?
and it is best if you can tell me where it is.
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ttaoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
I`m sure that this can not be done? How can you convert an .exe that my do 101 different programming things to a .swf?????????

What exactly do you want to do?
ttaoAuthor Commented:
faint,a friend ask me to find such a tool  for her,
she has a *.exe file which made from a
*.swf file, now she have to convert this
*.exe file to *.swf back.
that's it, hope i explain it clearly.
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As from now, there is no tool to perform such an operation. In a survey I took for Macromedia, there was speculation of this feature existing in a later version. I can't tell you when, but when an exe is created it is compiled in regular executable code instead of ActiveX code for the Internet.


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ttaoAuthor Commented:
this is a friend's question, i donnot
understand it quite too.perhaps you are
however,thank you. :-)
How can you convert a pdf image file to a swf image?

You can't do that either. SWF is SWF, and there is no way to convert all that sequenced code to or from PDF.

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